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Release Notes

Since August 3, 2020, the following has been released on Pandemic.oversight.gov:

  • 508 Compliance
  • Ability to filter Ongoing Work and Agency Plans
  •  Lessons Learned: a compendium of resources from various federal agencies
  • Additional datapoints for ongoing work postings
  • Events page
  • Homepage Slider to highlight new features
  • Contract Spending for Pandemic Relief map with drill down from state to county, and tabular view of data and download of raw data
  • Contract Spending FAQs
  • Link to the Paycheck Protection Program data
  • Additional Agency Plans


As we make plans for our new website, which is launching soon, we want to give you a peek into some of the features and functionalities we’re planning for. Below is an initial list in no particular release order. We’re interested in what you’d like to see on the future site so please give us your feedback.

  • Revised Home Page
  • Interactive visualizations, including mapping with data by state, county, city, zip code
  • Data displays by NAICs, Product/Service Codes, and Recipients
  • Redesigned section pages, including About and Oversight
  • Expanded Search
  • Display of Entitlement funding
  • Display of Coronavirus Relief Fund data
  • Display Tax Credits/Benefits data
  • Links to Jobs data
  • Robust Accountability section