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PRAC Members


Michael E. Horowitz Headshot

Michael E. Horowitz -- Acting Chair

Inspector General
Department of Justice OIG logo
Paul K. Martin Headshot

Paul K. Martin -- Vice-Chair

Inspector General
National Aeronautics and Space Administration OIG logo
Sandra Bruce

Sandra D. Bruce

Acting Inspector General
Department of Education OIG logo
Kathy A. Buller Headshot

Kathy A. Buller

Inspector General
Peace Corps OIG logo
Joseph Cuffari headshot

Joseph Cuffari

Inspector General
Department of Homeland Security OIG logo
Rae Oliver Davis Headshot

Rae Oliver Davis

Inspector General
Department of Housing and Urban Development OIG logo
Richard Delmar Headshot

Richard Delmar

Deputy Inspector General
Treasury OIG logo
Howard R. "Skip" Elliott Headshot

Howard R. "Skip" Elliott

Acting Inspector General
Department of Transportation OIG logo
Phyllis K.Fong Headshot

Phyllis K. Fong

Inspector General
Department of Agriculture OIG logo
J. Russell George  Headshot

J. Russell George

Inspector General
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration logo
Susan S. Gibson Headshot

Susan S. Gibson

Inspector General
National Reconnaissance Office OIG logo
Christi A. Grimm  Headshot

Christi A. Grimm

Principal Deputy Performing Duties of Inspector General
Department of Health and Human Services OIG logo
Allison Lerner Headshot

Allison C. Lerner

Inspector General
National Science Foundation OIG logo
Jay N. Lerner Headshot

Jay N. Lerner

Inspector General
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation OIG logo
Brian Miller Headshot

Brian D. Miller

Inspector General
Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery
Michael J. Missal Headshot

Michael J. Missal

Inspector General
Department of Veterans Affairs OIG logo
Sean W. O’Donnell Headshot

Sean W. O’Donnell

Acting Inspector General
Department of Defense OIG logo
Larry D Turner Headshot

Larry D. Turner

Acting Inspector General
Department of Labor OIG logo
Hannibal "Mike" Ware Headshot

Hannibal "Mike" Ware

Inspector General
Small Business Administration OIG logo
Tammy L. Whitcomb Headshot

Tammy L. Whitcomb

Inspector General


Robert A Westbrooks Headshot

Robert A. Westbrooks

Executive Director

Robert A. Westbrooks was appointed Executive Director of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC) on April 27, 2020. Mr. Westbrooks has spent 26 years in public service focusing on accountability and anti-fraud activities, serving the… (Read More)

PRAC Member headshot

Linda S. Miller

Deputy Executive Director

Linda S. Miller was appointed to Deputy Executive Director of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC) on May 19, 2020. Ms. Miller has over 15 years of experience in fraud risk management. She most recently served as a principal at… (Read More)